Britain’s Most Expensive House- The £250 Million Mega-Home

What would your dream house look like? If you are looking for any inspiration, then look no further, as this £250 Million house has everything you could possibly want in a home. From a home cinema, to spa and steam rooms, this whopping 43,000 sq ft property is listed as Britain’s most expensive home.

Britain’s most expensive house, Mayfair, London. (Credit: Channel 4)

Phones 4U founder, John Caudwell, combined two Mayfair mansions to create this huge super-home. The home is the size of 55 London flats and more than twice the size of The Royal Albert Hall. The mega property extends eight floors, which hold 15 bedrooms and a 120-capacity ballroom.

One of the mansion’s 15 bedrooms. (Credit: Channel 4)

The game room, home to a snooker table and chandelier.  (Credit: Channel 4)

The dwelling has a “car stacker” that, at the press of a button, can take eight cars from street level to storage, an indoor pool with a volcanic lava installation and a Thai-themed dining room.

Volcanic lava insulated swimming pool.  (Credit: Channel 4)

And if all that is not enough, the property actually has its own river, which flows through the core of the house, filled with handpicked African Cichlid fish. In addition to this, the decoration of the dazzling residence holds 20,000 sheets of gold leaf, which were used to give the abode a very stylish finish.

Column lined corridors.  (Credit: Channel 4)

According to the website, the average UK property in 2020 costs around £248,271,with the average London property costing around £485,794,  making this property more than 1000 times more expensive than the average UK property and more than 513 times more expensive than the average property price in London.

You may be thinking, ‘why would anybody need a house this big?’ However, Caudwell actually has a charitable foundation, Caudwell Children, which supports disabled children and their families, which is what he intends to primarily use the home for.

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